Ganesha Games Star Eagles 2-player starter

This is a copy of the the 2-player starter version of the the Star Eagle game including the rulebook, deck of combat cards, 18 1/285 scale resin and pewter space fighter models from the two factions described in the books, bases, colored dice and acrylic movement templates and gauges. Everything you need to play.

The game is described here and this is a 2-player starter copy with extra ships that has just been released to the kickstarter backers. I was an original backer.

I have read the rulebook but otherwise the contents are in original packaging. I am selling the game because my local gaming group has folded and I don't know anyone else who is likely to play it. It looks innovative and fun to play, and the models have a lot of character. It is a product of Ganesha Games.

$50 USD including shipping to USA or Canada

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