Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Adeptus mechanicus Titan Warhounds and Blackstone Fortress complete!

I just finished the last models from the Blackstone Fortress WH40k Quest game, and decided to try it out solo to see how it plays. 10h later... I'm really enjoying it - despite the fact that I lost my first adventurer on only the second challenge of the game. My team leader Janis Drake failed to leap across a chasm and died outright (rolled a '1' on the Blackstone dice!). I almost decided to reboot and chalk it up to beginners bad luck - but then figured I should just go for it. Now I am on our 3rd expedition on the way to take out our first Stronghold feeling good about it. We'll see...

Here are the models - 4 negavolt cultists

 2 rogue psykers

 Chaos beastmen

 Obsidius Mallex and a couple of Chaos Space Marines (scary dudes...)

 Pious Vorne and Amallyn Shadowguide - I am using both of these in my campaign.

 And I also finished two more Adeptus Titanicus 6mm Titan Warhound Scouts - Vespula Ignis (Fire Wasp - so named for it's inferno gun) and Vespula Perforo (Piercing Wasp - so named for it's plasma gun). Can't wait to play this game - the Warlord is the next addition.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Adeptus titanicus Reaver titan

I could not resist GW's recent Titan battle game Adeptus Titanicus, so I picked up the rules and a battlegroup box set consisting of a Warlord, Reaver and 2 Warhounds. Here is the Reaver (the medium sized titan) which stands about 5" tall. They are intended to be approximately 8mm scale. Two of the Blackstone Fortress characters just finished are shown for scale - these are Taddeus the Ministorum Priest and UR-025 Imperial Robot.

I have named the Reaver Tenebris Vespa (Dark Hornet) and painted him in livery consistent with the loyalist Legio Ignatum (the Fire Wasps). The hoops on the shoulder and boot armor are intended to be waspy. I magnetized the carapace and left arm weapons, and the left arm can be swapped for a gatling blaster. I am really looking forward to playing this game!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Blackstone fortress characters and some more Gaul

I did another batch of Gauls and a few of the characters from Blackstone Fortress:

Warlord Games Celtic Warriors:

Grekh the Kroot tracker:
 Rein and Raus - Ratling twins:
 Janis Draik - Rogue trader
 Espern Locarno - Imperial Navigator:

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Blackstone Fortress and some Gauls for a change

I picked up Blackstone Fortress at a Boxing Day sale over the hols and started with the easiest models - sentry drones, Ur-ghuls and a couple of mutant imperial guard.

Then my chum Jon expressed an interest in playing some Warhammer Ancient Battles so he can get motivated to finish his Imperial Romans, this inspired me to dig out my Celtic hordes and even paint a blister of Foundry Gauls that have been in my unpainted Ancients box forever. Nice figs - as one expects from Foundry. I experimented with doing flesh by airbrush and wash. Always fun to paint the hairy guys!

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Christmas brought me a bunch of tanks - German ones and Russian ones - plus also the game of Tanks! for something different. Here are some new tanks in 15mm - the Germans kitties are from Battlefront and the Russkies are from Zvezda.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The New Year begins

Happy New Year everyone, I am a bit late in getting to this year in review / preview post, but better late than never!

2018 saw a pretty average year for painting output - 1,172 items finished, similar to output from the past eight years I have been tracking things. This will be year 9 for my blog, and posted 36 times which is similar to the past few years. A lot of my activity this year was devoted to Flames of War, Team Yankee, Lord of the Rings, 40k and Underworlds, reflecting what I have been mostly playing. I expect similar stuff next year - Battlefront and GW seem to be getting a lot of my hobby dollars! I more or less stopped playing DBA early in 2018 after too much frustration with unlucky dice. Still love the geometry, pace and feel of the game, but the way a game can flip on one or two unlucky rolls is really unsatisfying whether it works in your favor or not. It feels like half the time, the outcome is determined by chance, and that just doesn't work for me. So buckets of dice is the way for me - 40k, FOW, Underworld and Kings of War are my current faves.

I recently finished my Genestealer Cult Kill team with the addition of some Acolyte and Hybrid melee specialists - I love the guy with the rock saw (he's a Zealot Specialist too!)

And I stripped and re-painted a Grenadier company of late war German infantry that I obtained from my chum Scott. I like the chunkiness of these older 15mm metal BF minis. These guys will be the core of my late war Heer force that will be facing the Brits in Italy and Normandy later this year when FOW drops their late war Western Front reboot for 4th edition.

That's all for now - let's hope 2019 is a kinder year for the world than 2018 was.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Rohan and WW2 stuff

In my typically eclectic (ADD?) fashion I have been working on different genres and scales for the past little while - here we have warriors of Rohan and a Mordor troll from the Pelennor Fields box set:

As well as some US tanks and Stug upper hulls for Tanks! and Flames of War

I originally did the Stugs with the earlier upper hull and painted them in panzer grey for Stalingrad era gaming, but I didn't glue the upper hull on so that I could swap it out with a later model upper hull done in dunkelgelb. Presto - convertable Stugs! Well the undercarriage will be grey but it's not that noticeable under the shurtzen.