Sunday, September 16, 2018

Team Yankee Soviets and some more Afrika Korps

I completed near to the last 15mm Team Yankee stuff on the pile - some more Mi-24 Hinds, T-72s and some supporting units including artillery (Zvezda Gvozdika 122mm mobile artillery, also known as 2S1 Carnation) and anti-air (Shilkas also by Zvezda). I have a few Soviet infantry units and air support for NATO then this project is done!

And also some of the final touches on my FOW Afrika Korps - here are some PzIIs and softskins  obtained via courtesy of my good chum Tim from Saskatoon as well as a P-40 Warhawk for air support for my Yanks. Wow - the windows on these trucks look way too blue in these photos - will need to fix that...

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Team Yankee Canadian Mechanized Infantry

From Battlefront here are 15mm M113 TOW, Blowpipe and mechanized infantry teams for the 4CMBG circa 1985. This gives me two infantry platoons to go with my Leopard C1s.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

M7 Priest

Just finished the last element of my US FOW force for now - the all important mobile artillery battery of 3 M7 Priests:

I also used some M125 crewmen to make stands of 81mm mortars for Nam or Cold War games. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

US forces for FOW

I picked up a bunch of Shermans at a deep discount a few months ago, so decided to fill them out to a full FOW force ostensibly to fight my Afrika Korps but also to be converted to a late war FOW army. Here area couple of platoons of PSC Shermans and a platoon of armoured infantry in M3 tracks by Battlefront. Lest I forget - the vehicles are black primer with white highlight followed by Vallejo Olive Drab all by airbrush. Infantry are Field Drab trousers, Khaki blouse, Brown Violet helmets.

I also picked up some heavily discounted Vietnam FOW stuff a few months back - PT-76 tanks. Very nice sculpts by Battlefront. Again - lest I forget - these were black primed then white oversprayed, basecoated with Vallejo Air Dark Green, oversprayed with Vallejo Air Interior Green, washed with Agrax Earthshade then drybrushed with Middlestone. These I plan to use in a 'Nam scenario next month but also for Team Yankee.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Necron Destroyers

I completed a squadron of 6 Necron Destroyers, which gives me a decent 75PL force. One of the Destroyers was the heavy upgrade pack, but the gun was such a piece of unusable Finecast crap that I chopped it off and put the barrel of a regular Gauss cannon on it. Arghhh... anyhow I think the models came out nice otherwise:

And here is the battlehost in full array - 1 Fast Attack detachment (Wraiths, Destroyers, Scarabs with a Cryptek) and 1 Battalion (Immortals with Gauss & Tesla, Warriors, Annihilation Barge, Lychguard, Overlord and Lord).

Monday, August 6, 2018

S'more Necrons!

Finished these a few days ago but have been a bit lazy about updating my blog. Here are some wraiths, warriors and more immortals. The wraiths are very cool models.

Then over the holiday weekend I did some more Necrons - an Annihilation Barge, Overlord and Lord:

And on top of that - more FOW early war Germans to reinforce my Panzer Company. Granatewerfers, Panzerbusche, Panzer IIs and IIIs. The Pz IIIs are from my chum Tim from Saskatoon who sent a crapload of FOW stuff my way in exchange for a handful of microarmor. Thanks Tim!!! (PS - all the Brits went to Dennis - we will be starting some late desert war stuff to get it one the table).

Monday, July 23, 2018

Starting Necrons

Have been out of town for most of July, but in between holiday and work trips managed to finish a few key reinforcements for my Cadians - here are some converted multimelta specialists and additional guardsmen. I need the melta special weapons team now that my chum Vic is fielding a Knight and Armigers. Something to cut through all that big 3+ save stuff.

I also made a start on my next 40k project - Necrons! Here is the Cryptek and some Immortals from the Forgebane box. I decided on a turquoise & gold colour scheme.