Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Soviets for Bolt Action

As part of a commission for a chum I painted a crapton of Soviet infantry - naval brigade and regulars - shown here. The figures are mostly from Warlord with a few Black Tree and Plastic Soldier mixed in.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Have you seen the Elefant?

Well, here he is, in 15mm scale by Zvezda:

With two platoons of PzIVH tanks - Battlefront in the foreground, PSC in the background. The Battlefront models are beefier, taller and have better raised detail.

Some half-tracks - two hanomags and two captured French ones:

A battery of 105s

And to keep it varied - some 28mm Thracians by Crusader that I will use as light infantry for my Macedonian army:

Sunday, June 9, 2019

More Macs

Here we have 3 more regiments of phalagists:

And more WW2 Germans to finish off my Bolt Action platoon - here are command, panzerschreck, MG and flamethrower teams:

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Macs and Paks

Macedonians and Pak 40s, that is.

Flames of War Pak40 ATG teams for the upcoming Fortress Europa release:

Some 28mm Macedonian phalangists from Warlord Games for a Kings of War Successor army I have started:

And some 28mm Bolt Action German grenadiers with some light support - a Sdkfz 251/7 and MG armed kubelwagen.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

MayDay and 3D printed Bolt Action tanks

This weekend was our annual MayDay games event. On Sunday I co-hosted the Battle of Marston Moor using my sizable ECW collection and the For King and Parliament ruleset. Jonathan and I provided over 300 figures and two game mats for a grand scale event.

It went over very well - we determined that unless the Parliament side broke the Royalist by the end of turn 6, with the chance of extended daylight adding a turn or two, it would be a Royalist win. Well Parliament came 1 point short of breaking the Royalists and night fell!

On Sunday, I played in the Kings of War tournament and managed to finish second with a record of 3 wins and one loss. 

My fine trophy for finishing 2nd.

The loss was determined by a blindingly lucky attack roll by my ratkin opponent who inflicted 21 wounds from 25 attacks on my skeleton horde - causing it to rout and cough up the winning loot on the 7th turn. So - I was one roll away from going 4-0. But in fairness - if two other rolls went the wrong way in two other games - I could as easily have been 1-3 and awarded the Wooden Spoon. I'm not complaining!

I also just finished painting a couple of very sharp 3D printed 1/56 scale vehicles for my Bolt Action Germans. Here they are from start to finish, painted by airbrush with a bit of detail picking by hand at the end:

Lastly, I assembled (what a pain they were...poor instructions and ill-fitting) and painted some PSC Marders for my Flames of War desert Germans. They shoot better than they look ...

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Bolt Action British army

After resisting the temptation to start a WW2 project in yet another scale, I relented and obtained an unpainted 28mm Bolt Action British army from a mate and painted them up. I know a few guys who play and I have always thought the rules were okay - so I'll give it a go.

Nice figs and models in any case.

I also added a couple of 57mm ATGs to my 'Merican FOW army.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Whose your mummy?

A regiment of mummies for my undead KoW army - these are a mix of Reaper Bones and originals. There are some very nice sculpts in here - the pharoah on throne is particularly nice. This is a rock hard infantry unit in Kings of War (Def 5+, CS +2 and Regen 5+).

The individual who could be played as the Cursed Pharoah was a pretty good character but got kinda nerfed in the latest revision when his Def 6+ dropped by one.