Tuesday, September 1, 2020

I'm better at painting than posting...

 Again - a long lag since the last post, but stuff is coming off the table regularly.

Ten more Celtic warriors for Jonathan - 30 more to go!


A battery of 20mm Newline French artillery and a General for the Lasalle project

Another artillery battery and a regiment of line infantry - these are the last units to complete my French Peninsular Lasalle army, and I have reached the bottom of the barrel for figs. Yes these are venerable Airfix bros!

And finally, a couple of test figures from Mantic - the middle dude is a Northern Alliance clansman, flanked by two spectres from the Kings of War starter set.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Lots of stuff

 I have been lazy about posting, but lots of stuff painted over the past few weeks while I took some time away from work.

Bolt Action US Paras:


A Hanomag with magnetized MG or PAK36 options:

An early war Panzer IV - I think I am getting better at this weathering thing.

A Puma

Warlord French support group - the start of an early war Bolt Action French army!

Nice figs - I especially like the officer with the Gauloises!

Wargames Factory British chariots for Jonathan

A regiment of Dragoons (20mm Newline) for the Lasalle project

And some of the goodness that is the Invictus box set for 40k 9th edition! The models are fantastic, the Skorpekh destroyers and Lord are pretty hit hitters in melee

And another batch of vehicles - early war Krupp truck, Pz38t and a later PzIII.

And early war German infantry with a few more Airborne weapons teams

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Building hedges and other stuff

With my move to 28mm I decided to upgrade some of my terrain, starting with building new hedges from cork, furnace filter, and flock.

Here's how it went - I think the pictures tell the story:

Cutting cork base
bevel the edges

cheap furnace filter from Home Depot

hot-glued to cork base

cut to look hedgy

brown spray paint near the base

green spray paint the bushy part

spray adhesive and flock with dark green coarse turf

and some light green

mostly done - turf still loose

dilute white glue - spray and soak, repeat

finished sturdy product

And some updates on painting progress:

10mm command stands for Byzantine and Arab Conquest armies

Some new 28mm ruins

Another Warlord titan for Adeptus Titanicus

More 28mm Ancient Britons for Jonathan

A P-47 for Bolt Action air support - Academy models 1/72 kit

And a somewhat better weathered M-10 tank destroyer, this time using Vallejo mud 

And my last regiment of 1/72 French Line infantry!