FOW Nam and Team Yankee painted forces

Here are five lots of painted Battlefront Nam and Team Yankee figures and terrain looking for a good home.

Lot 1) US Nam Mechanized platoon (38 metal figures + 4 plastic vehicles)
6 rifle team stands
3 MG team stands
2 command stands
2 medic/wounded stands
1 recoilless rifle stand
4 plastic M113s (2 with 0.50 cal, 1 with mortar, 1 with minigun turret) 


Lot 2) Viet Cong Local Forces Infantry company and resistance teams (87 metal figures)
HQ team
4 single bases
1 small RPG team
15 rifle teams
1 MG team
1 Mortar team
6 local resistance team

Asking $85 USD including shipping to CONUS or Canada 


Lot 3) NVA Infantry company with support (114 metal figures)
6 HQ/OP teams
7 singles
14 rifle/RPG teams
2 LMG teams
3 12.7mm AAMG teams
3 recoilless rifle teams
3 mortar teams

Asking $110 USD including shipping to CONUS or Canada 

Lot 4) Team Yankee UK Mechanized Platoon (30 metal figures)
4 GPMG stands
3 Carl Gustav stands
1 2inch mortar stand



Lot 5) Vietnam Huts and Paddies terrain from Battlefront


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