Modern microarmor

Lot 1: USSR

This is a large force of 1/285 6mm scale GHQ and CinC micro armor representing Soviet forces from the mid 80s onwards, suitable for playing Team Yankee or other modern wargames. Models are hand painted, sealed and based on laser cut 2mm round mdf bases, flocked and flex steel bottomed for safe storage on sheet magnets. 141 pieces total, comprising:

6 trucks
1 BTR 152 apc
3 BM-21 rocket artillery
3 Msta heavy artillery
2 Gvozdika artillery
2 122mm guns
11 T-80 tanks
10 T-72 tanks
10 T-62 tanks
10 T-55 tanks
3 BMD ifv
3 BRDM Gaskin
1 ZSU-23
4 BMP anti-aircraft
5 BMP-3 ifv
3 BTR 80 apc
3 BTR 60 apc
7 BMP-2 ifv
11 BMP-1 ifv
33 stands of infantry - ATGM, MG, RPG etc...
1 Mi-24 Hind helicopter

Lot 2: US
This is a large lot of well painted US forces 1/285 or 6mm scale microarmor, mostly GHQ models, suitable for mid cold war gaming. I built this force to play Team Yankee. Models are all hand painted, sealed, flocked and based on 25mm laser cut 2mm mdf round bases with flexi-steel bottoms for safe storage on magnetic sheets. There are a total of 64 pieces comprising:

3 M109 Paladins in merdc camo
2 M901 anti-tank vehicles in merdc
3 M125 mortar carriers in merdc
6 M113s in merdc camo
4 Bradleys in forest green
3 Humvees in forest green
24 M1 Abrams in forest green
5 M551 Sheridans in NATO camo
5 fire teams
4 Cobra ATGM teams
5 M60s in Nato camo


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