Monday, February 8, 2010

A volley from the past

For a change I decided to paint some old Airfix Highlanders. I have a horde of Airfix and Hat 1/72 Napoleonics that one day I would like to see painted and on the table. Kind of a nostalgia thing, but I am also loath to waste them. Furthermore, a bunch of them were given to me by an old friend who painted some of them when he was a kid, then I think they languished in his closet for years. He sent them to me a couple of years ago, so one day I want them to get on the table.

I painted 16 Highlanders in a firing line with drummer yesterday, I would eventually like to field these guys for a Waterloo scenario using the new Black Powder rules perhaps. They are not pretty figs, there is some flash and there are shortcomings in the sculpts (e.g they all forgot their canteens back in the bivouc I guess, plus the familiar musket droop). But, the highlander poses aren't bad and I kind of like them, and like most 1/72 they go pretty fast and look okay from 3ft. This particular batch was originally painted in enamels that had chipped badly, so I stripped them in Pine-Sol and painted them with acrylics after priming with Rustoleum spray primer for plastics. They are sealed with Future so could use some dullcote.


  1. In this scale it is very forgiving to do (e.g. it only runs vertically...)

  2. Dave,

    Your painting speed is absolutely unparalleled! Wow.