Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ayubbid DBA army

I just finished a Legio Heroica DBA army for my chum Terry at the club. In exchange, he bought me a Seljuk army that I will paint later for our Crusades campaign.

Terry indicated he preferred a dark theme for the army, so I went with black robes and dark chainmail with some gold trim, and turbans and sashes in a masculine hued colour palette (blue, red, green and white). I'm saving the pastels for my Seljuks.

First we have the General, this is a model of Saladin, champion and standard bearer. Terry will need to add a standard since I don't have anything good for it.

The core of the army is cavalry, 5 elements of it:

They are supported by 2 elements of light horse:

Then there is a choice of horde or auxilia/warband (nobody will choose horde, but they always look so cool!):

Then two elements of bow and/or psiloi:

And finally another light horse or psiloi:

Nice army, should be very competitive in good going with all the mobility, plus there are significant element choices to contest bad going patches too. It will reward a player that makes the most of manouever rather than force. Saladin was very canny, after all.

Hope they meet his approval. It occurred to me as I was lining it up that I owe him one more psiloi element. Doh! I'll get it done, mate!


  1. Nice stuff! Legio Heroica has nice sculpts. Some tinfoil banners waving from the spears would be sweet too!

  2. How do you treat it? Tinfoil is good for shape and texture, I often make banners using a tinfoil/paper sandwich, but paint doesn't adhere to it very well on it's own.

  3. Very nice looking army, i hope your mate terry has fun with it!


  4. Great looking army!!


  5. Those Legio Heroica figs are really nice. If I was going to do a 15mm Arab army for Impetus, I'd use Legio Heroica figs.

  6. Cut tinfoil, paint with mix of black acrylic and future (to enhance flow). You have to "prime" each side separately. The paint banner. Glue to spear. Swear a bit and touch up the paint. The coat with future. Fairly durable if you are not a total hamfisted gamer.