Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dragon Princes of Caledor

This week I finished a unit of GW High Elf Dragon Princes. They are very detailed models and make up a very punchy unit, they have dragon armour (heavy armour with a 2+ ward save against fire) on a barded horse with lance and 2 attacks each. So they will hit hard, but with only 5 bodies likely not last long if they caught stuck in for too long. They will be useful for clearing out those pesky flamers and salamanders.

Next up: some miscellaneous reinforcements (more swordmasters and spear) plus a bolt thrower and lion chariot to round out my High Elf core army. I have also had an urge to go back to my ECW stuff and maybe flesh out the Covenanters, plus an Egyptian DBA army calls...Mark is coming by later on to give my Early Achaemenids a chance to roll some more 1s, so my motivation to paint those Egyptians depends on how the fortunes of DBA war favour us today.


  1. Wow! What a nice paint job. Great models too--very pointy!

  2. They were really quite fun to do, after drybrushing the mail, it was all blue lining and picking out details. Not as hard as they look.

    Stepping on one of these would really hurt.

  3. Ugh! The dragon princes are surprisingly hard to fight. My friend unit of 5 took on a grail reliquae and 12 battle pilgrims with only one loss through the battle.

    Really good paint jobs though :D

  4. As a Bret player, that's a perfect match-up as long as you can hold the princes up for a couple of turns and keep them busy. You really don't want them charging into your knights with their high initiative, skill, multiple attacks and superior speed. Cheaper than Grail Knights to boot.

    Your buddy's pilgrims must have been using my dice;)

  5. They were my dice! LOL! And I did not make a good showing with them but you're right, it was the charge I wanted him to make and he took it. They held the dragon princes for two turns out of a three turn game.