Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mantic undead mania!

I finally received my Undead Army Deal from Mantic this week, what an awesome package! The box is jammed full of goodies

Includes over 100 skellies, ghouls and zombies, enough to fill out the core of a Vampire Counts army, my next WHFB project. I could barely wait to start on these beauties, so here are the first 10 skellies off the assembly and painting line:

I can't seem to get away from blue-red colour palettes. In this case it is quite a faded blue and the red is quite dirty brown. I think these are super models, what I like:

- easy assembly, 2-4 parts per model
- lots of options and weapon choices
- very clean sculpts, nice animation, little clean up needed

Nothing about these not to like. I really liked the Zvezda stuff, but it was nuts to put together with like 20 parts per model (separate wrist bones even!), and the GW stuff is okay. Mantic ghouls and zombies are better. Last night I assembled a few of those for a test paint maybe tonight. Here's a shout out to Art who I ran into on bartertown (while looking for VC characters and rares) and thanks for the advice about how ghouls can be tricky to pose for ranking. Another nice feature of the Mantic stuff is that every model has a small circular integral base that fits into a circular hole in the square 20mm base. It make it easy to alter model facing and positions to facilitate ranking up nicely.

Buy Mantic, support these guys, this stuff is the dogs bollocks and it is inexpensive, but not cheap (if you know what I mean, it is a quality product)!

In other news, kid 1 had a birthday this weekend at the Edmonton Humane Society (they do an awesome kids party package, with a tour, crafts, and animals to pet) the missus made a cake:

and cat 4 (Prince Harry) was the model for it:


  1. Going VC eh? Interesting. The Mantic zombies are better looking than the GW ones and the Mantic ghouls are significantly better than the weird spiny ones GW makes. And it's significantly cheaper to go Mantic with all the zombies and skellies you'll need. And it looks like the Mantic skellies rank up nicely. Nice.

  2. Yeah, I have a bit of a fluffy VC theme in mind. Lahmian vampires, Mantic skellies & core, and some other things I like. Not exactly 'Ard Boys, it is going to look good though!

  3. Nice stuff Dave. I quite like the sculpts but don't need any more models on my paint pile these days! But I did think about their elves for a long time before deciding against buying.