Saturday, July 9, 2011

Forces for Auldearn

I have now finished the forces necessary to run Auldearn using BlackPowder. I am going to try running this on a 6 x 4 table with relatively modest sized units and measurements in cm. A foot regiment has two sleeves of 3x2 shot and a 3x3 pike block, so about 1/2 the size you would normally use for WECW. Frontage is therefore 18cm.

First we have the Covenanter army consisting of 4 regiments of regular foot, 2 regiments of highland levy, a small regiment of horse and 2 cavalry detachments.

I don't have a figure of Hurry, so will use this paint conversion of the Earl of Essex as the general with some additional generic commanders:

The Royalists have MacColla's lifeguard, the Irish regiment, 2 regiments of Gordon foot and a large cavalry contingent from the Gordons with 2 regiments and 1 regiment of mounted infantry.

And of course, Montrose himself:

MacColla and his hard nuts:

Lord Gordon's horse:

A random photo of cat behaviour:

And finally, my excuse for missing the club this week: Daughter #2 (age 6) fellow off the swings and broke her humerus, here shown 24h in the hospital and 3 steel pins later, but she's a trooper:

Next up: Getting started on 28mm Gripping Beast El Cid stuff.


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  2. Good to hear your daughter is on the mend. I probably wouldn't have a smile on my face after all that! Oh and nice minis!