Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Model Army pike and shot regiment

Another pike and shot regiment for my New Model Army came off the line this week. The highlight in the unit is the nice preacher model from Warlord games alongside of the command. The figs are all Warlord except for the command which are mostly Foundry. I am still enjoying this project and the painting, but there is quite a way to go yet. Sorry for the pics, very dark today now that winter has arrived.


  1. I like them a lot. But why do everyone seems to do ECW?

  2. I dunno, I wondered the same thing for a while until the bug got me and here I am like 300+ ECW figures painted later- still going!

    And on top of that, I haven't found a rules set I really like for this period yet.

  3. Dave,

    Good to see you painting again. How much more are you planning to do with this project? (You said you had a lot more to do). What are your goals for this project?

  4. I haven't stopped painting, it's just the pace sometimes slacks a bit (especially when rebasing 5-6 DBA armies)

    To finish this? I have left to do for my New Model Army:

    2 artillery & crew
    2 regiments of foot
    1 regiment of dragoons
    2 regiments of horse

    Enough to do a big scale 8' table EWC swedge