Friday, December 23, 2011

The peasants are revolting!

Bit of a gap since my last posting, I actually finished another ECW cavalry regiment but it looks just like every other regiment, so I didn't bother putting it up. Then last week I finished my Covenanter command stand figures, I really like the cleric and the piper:

I also did a batch of medieval peasants who can be very useful for many scenarios. These turned out pretty well, I experimented with Vallejo wash over base/shade/highlight. They are a bit dark, but of course they are supposed to be filthy, miserable and angry

Up next: well, it's this time of year of course:

Happy Holidays everyone, keep safe and have fun!


  1. Very nice, or should I say revolting?? Happy Christmas!!!!

  2. Nice peasants--metals from Old glory? Look forward to seeing them on the table.

  3. Black Tree Design actually, their medievals are quite good. Too bad they are such an unreliable company to order from.

  4. Really nice looking figures, both the Covenanters and the Peasants. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas and New Year!

  5. The nasty peasants sure look the part. I must ask you about the wash when we next meet. I've heard good stuff about it.

    Great work, as always, Dave.