Sunday, December 30, 2012

What did Santa bring?

My haul this year included a new camera- a Samsung compact smart camera that is probably too smart for me, and cost well above what I spend. But it's lovely, thank you to the missus, and I hope it will improve the quality of the photos on my blog- and in doing so cast a better light on the shortcomings of my painting ability! Also received was a copy of War and Conquest

3 boxes of Sarmatian cataphracts

CC:N Spanish Expansion (great game!)

Here are the first photos from the new camera. The models are WF cavalry cobbled together from bits of Germans, Saxons, Persian and Celtic sprues and meant to be Gothic for my late Roman project (starting in 2013). I also experimented with some new basing materials including leftover grout for the base (too coarse, I think DAB or polyfilla is better), new Javis flock (too green methinks- will have to work on the blend) and GW tufts under the horses. The tufts are potentially useful but you really have to apply them to flat surfaces, so I used them right underneath the horse.

Year in review coming up on New Year's Day. Happy Holidays everyone!

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