Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DBA Abysinnians II/62 first blood

I recently painted a Nubian Christian DBA army for my chum Dennis in exchange for this Abysinnian DBA army, mostly Essex I think. The Elephant General is an interesting element to play, it's vulnerable to quick kill by lights, but I used it very aggessively thinking that he's stompy as hell but hard to kill, so just give'r and let the chips fall! Fun army to play, need to be aggressive I reckon, with ample warbands and Jumbo needing overlaps and decent match-ups to ensure they make the most of their q-killing ability.

First 2 games against Nubians were close wins.


  1. In cat language, that means, "Good paint job. Cool. Good job winning", all the usual. It can all be summed up as meow, meow. ;)

  2. Would match up nicely against your Kushites, Mr. Cat.

    In my house, meow can mean just about anything.

  3. lol. Is there EWG next Tuesday? I'm off for a week. We should get together, if not at EWG then somewhere else. I'll bring the Kushites. You provide the coffee.