Monday, May 12, 2014

Warring States Qin DBA army

I took a diversion and painted a 15mm Warring States Chinese army (II/4a) Museum Miniatures. They still await banners from LBM studios but look like fun to play - heavy chariots, warband, bit of mounted and some crossbows. Pretty formidable methinks...


  1. Very nice army. I like the poses and uniform look. Intriguing theme - not something I've seen in DBA before. The far east is often overlooked in DBA. I appreciate the moustaches, too. Great work, Davy!

  2. Not overlooked in the lists, but it often is by players!

    I like the look too - monopose works for these guys since they are modelled on the terracotta warriors anyway.

  3. I especially like the design of the chariot with the driver in the front with his own little section.