Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wehrmacht and 4Ground semi-detached house

I finished off some odds and end for my 1944 Germans - Valiant figures including medic, Panzershrek team, sniper and some additional riflemen. The Pak 38 is by Plastic Soldier Company - a very nice little kit with great detail and extras.

The house is one of those prepainted, laser-cut jobs by 4Ground. It's an outstanding product - interior detail, 3 floors and removable roof. Not cheap, and takes a bit of time to assemble, but a really great product. I prefer this to painting resin or plastic kits any day. I highly recommend them - must pick up some more.


  1. Yip... That looks pretty cool!

  2. The building looks great and so do the Valiant troops!

  3. Where did you gettthe house from as it's noyt on 4Grounds website?? Great troops BTW :)