Sunday, December 14, 2014

Modern microarmour and Battle of Five Armies

I just finished working up a bunch of modern microarmour to play a 1985 Cold War scenario using an adaptation of the Epic Armageddon rules by GW. I have played Epic once and thought it was a lot of fun, I actually think it is a great ruleset for adaptation to moderns. So here we have:

A company of T-62s by GHQ

BTR60s, BRDMs and artillery (CinC and GHQ)

Infantry and support weapons (GHQ)

Hind D (CinC)

An Airfix 1/76 Sdkfz222 for next weeks game of Chain of Command

And also, one of my chums requested that I post some pictures of my Battle of Five Armies 10mm stuff by GW. I painted these 10 years ago when the GW box game was released as part of their Specialist Games range (all of which I think were fantastic, such a shame they killed them all).

Beorn, Thorin's gang, eagles and Gandolf:

Dain and men of the lake
 Wargs and warg-riders:
Goblins, Bolg and a shaman:


  1. Absolutely awesome job on the Battle of Five Armies. Inspiring. I just finished my human force. I remember the great games we had with this system. What a great boxed set. I really wanted my own painted copy ever since you painted yours up and we played it. Thanks for posting them. Happy memories.

  2. I'm certain there were no T-62s at the BoFA. Less certain about BTRs. Man, Jackson has made a frigging mess of this...

  3. But I wouldn't rule out the ATGMs and other goblin artillery!

  4. Is this your own Modern-Epic Armageddon adaptation or is it something available on the web somewhere...?

  5. Really great job on the BoFA armies. I'm inspired to paint up my copy.

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