Monday, September 7, 2015

Bit of this and that

This week I worked on some fantasy stuff that was hiding in the cupboard and some modern Soviet microarmour that I obtained in a swap and have been restoring. I added some GW high elves to my army in anticipation of trying out Kings of War next week:

A lovely Citadel dragon that might feature in my Elven army:

I even found this weird wizard drgon rider dude - I think he was by Grenadier and came with an undead dragon I painted some time ago

And BTR-80s, BMPs, T-80s and some mobile artillery:


  1. The Dragon looks great Dave! (and I always get excited to see hordes of cold war mico armour for some reason!?)

  2. Thanks Tim - yeah, horde is the right term. Gotta love it.

  3. Nice work Dave, sometimes its good to mix it up, especially with you often painting whole units.

  4. Medieval 28s on the bench now, then maybe 10mm ACW. Is that healthy mixing, or just a symptom of underlying gamer ADD?