Saturday, June 25, 2016

Valiant fallschirmjaeger and a 1/48 Ba-64

This week we have some more fallschirmjaeger by Valiant - oversize 1/72 models.

 I also completed a nice little 1/48 Ba-64 Soviet armoured car kit by Tamiya. This was another Christmas gift and I wonder whether actual mixes with Valiant 1/72... I was planning on using these fallschirmjaeger for Bolt Action with Scott facing his 28mm French - my guys will be undersized but perhaps not ridiculously. Of course I won't use the Soviet armoured car but I was thinking about picking up another 1/48 kit perhaps a panzer II or a 222 to give my guys some light armored support.

 This photo compares a Valiant 1/72 and a metal RAFM 20mm fallschirmjaeger - the Valiant is much bigger - perhaps true 25mm scale with oversized heads. But he is almost comparable to the 1/48 crewman in the Ba-64.

If anyone out there has an opinion,

What do you think of the Valiant range?
Can one get away with using them on the same table - perhaps not in the same unit or same side - with 28s?

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