Saturday, September 17, 2016

Goths, Soviets, and Kobolds!

Over the past couple of weeks I worked up a variety of stuff - first we have 4 units of 10mm Gothic infantry who can represent any late Dark Age infantry or perhaps militia of Rohan. Figs are by Magister Militum I think:

I also worked up a dozen kobolds for a reptilian-themed Dragon Rampant warband that I plan to do using the box of Reaper Bones figs I bought in the kickstarter some time ago. These aren't bad - a bit comical but they paint up easily enough.


Then finally a bunch of Soviet modern microarmour for my next Team Yankee game - this is the remainder of a lot I obtained in a swap after stripping and repainting. There are assorted artillery (the monstrous 2S19 152mm howitzer Msta in the background!), IFVs, and modified IFVs.