Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shadow War!

Over the past couple of weeks I felt inspired by Kevin's blog about  GW Shadow Wars Armageddon, so I picked up the rules, liked them a lot, then picked up a batch of Imperial Guard stuff at a swap meet, then as the insanity reached a fever, I ordered 3 Gothic building sets from Pegasus to build a table of a ruined city for playing:

#4925 Gothic City Buildings Small Set #2#4923 Gothic City Buildings Large Set#4924 Gothic City Buildings Small Set #1

Gee - I can't wait until the missus sees the Visa bill....

So, here is my first stab at a kill team of Cadians, loaded with veterans, lots of grenades and lasers - plus flamer and sniper. It's designed to be shooty and explody at short range, but nerf when it comes to close quarters. Probably nerf all round, actually, looking at how the competition lists shake out.

Veteran Sergeant — Chainsword (25), Laspistol (15), Frag grenades (25) 
Special Weapons Operative — Sniper rifle (40), Red-dot laser sight (20), Toxic rounds (20), Camo gear (5)
Special Weapons Operative — Flamer (40)
Special Weapons Operative — Grenade launcher (frag) (85) 
Veteran Guardsman Frag grenades (25), Lasgun (25), Red-dot laser sight (20) 
Veteran Guardsman — Frag grenades (25), Lasgun (25), Red-dot laser sight (20)
Veteran Guardsman — Frag grenades (25), Lasgun (25), Red-dot laser sight (20)

I really enjoyed painting the models, they are just great. Really you can't be GW quality - if you like what they are making that is. I've always like the Imperial Guard (OK - now known as Astra Militarum....)

And I also managed a couple of stands of 10mm Naps - Hungarian grenadiers for my Austrian army:


  1. It's the blue pants - very fetching!

  2. Hmm, better get to work on my kill team. Just trying to catch my breath from all the gaming the past 3 weeks!