Friday, August 11, 2017

Cold War Canadians - 4 CMBG platoon

I'm taking a short holiday from work and completed my 15mm 1980s Canadians representing elements of the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group from ArmiesArmy.

It's a small battlegroup of an infantry platoon with a couple of C1s, Lynx and M113-TOWs plus an M113 and M577 from Battlefront. The I did the C1s still in German gelboliv and the supporting vehicles in an approximation of the Canadian pre-Nato tricolour scheme (lest I forget I used Vallejo German uniform base with /Russian uniform/charcoal patches). Infantry are brown violet with Russian uniform highlights.

The ArmiesArmy stuff is pretty good. But this little force will need some US support lest it be overrun by my horde of Sovs! (Bannon's Boys are in the queue!)


  1. HAH! We often noted how the location of the maple leaf on the M113 was right beside the driver. It may as well have been a target!

  2. Thanks Terry! Always appreciate a vet's perspective. I screwed up the numbers though- the M113s have recon unit numbers on them but by the time I noticed they would not come off.

    Did you ever see the old tricolour scheme or were you riding Nato painted vehicles? Curious about whether this is near accurate or not.