Monday, November 6, 2017

6mm Canadians for Team Yankee and a foray into FOW

This week I finished off some infantry and IFVs (M150, M125, M113 and M114 standing in for Lynx recon vehicles) for a 6mm Canadian 4CMBG force to play Team Yankee:

And I dabbled with some 15mm vehicles for FOW V4 after picking up the starter kit. I painted the Mk III and Mk IV in early panzergrau. I also picked up a couple of Zvezda 1:100 kits (and Mk III flamethrowing tanks and an Mk IVD notable for the lack of bustle). The Zvezda kits go together nicely but are a bit weedy compared to Battlefront and have shallower detail which shows in the pictures. They are also a bit lighter because I didn't undercoat them in black before working through the greys - my bad! That would have helped with depth.

Battlefront in the foreground with air recognition flag, Zvezda in the background

Zvezda in the foreground, Battlefront to the rear


  1. I've been impressed by the Zvezda kits and it is interesting to see the side by side comparison. Nice work.

  2. How do they compare price-wise? The Zvezda aren't quite as nice but the difference is very small.

  3. Zvezda kits can be found locally for $7.99 CDN, FOW plastics are about $60 for a box of 5 or more than that for resin. Zvezda kits are decent value.

    The best deal is probably Plastic Soldier Company which are more like $30 for 5, and from what I have seen are closer match to Battlefront.

  4. From what I've seen, Battlefront is pretty oversized even compared to Plastic Soldier. I have both of their plastic Shermans, and the Battlefront ones are noticeably bigger.