Monday, December 10, 2018

Genestealer Cult Kill Team

I finally got around to painting my first Kill Team - the Genestealer Cultists from the box game. These are fantastic models with great character and lots of weapon options. I opted for a mix of shotguns and autoguns with the heavies loaded out with a grenade launcher, flamer, stubber and laser drill. I like these guys a lot - unfortunately they are not a full team (only 60 odd points) and are not terribly formidable for shooting or melee - so they will need to be reinforced by either a few pure strain Genestealers or maybe some Acolyte hybrids. Maybe for Christmas?


  1. They look fantastic Dave! If your hinting at some more for Christmas, be sure to put your blog on your wifes computer screen so she accidently sees it!

  2. So devious Terry, so devious ....