Monday, September 27, 2010

EWC Update

Last week I completed another regiment of Covenanter foot, these are Renegade figs, very nice figures, but also very large.

Although I think they don't match up too badly against Warlord plastics for size:

As much as I like the Warlord figs, these Renegades have better detail (deeper folds, etc) and look great painted. They weigh a ton though!

I also knocked off a DBA army this weekend. These are early medieval Poles, a very nicely balanced army with knights, bow, spear and a few other bits.

I might manage another mounted ECW unit, this time cuirassiers, for Dave later this week, but on Friday I am flying to South America for a weekend conference in Chile. So back again in October..


  1. Looking good! So many historical periods to play and I am so behind! I envy your collection!

  2. Thanks, I think I'm obsessive, the collection grows so quickly it needs another room.

    I seem to find time to paint here and there after the kids have gone to bed or on a Saturday morning, but finding time to actually play is more difficult.