Sunday, September 5, 2010

WHFB First Blood

Kevin and I had a go at WHFB today, 1250 points of my Empire versus his Lizards. The synopsis:

- Stegadon stomps Flagellants then gets a cannonball between the eyes
- Saurus runs into the pointy end of a large halbard block after getting shot up badly
- Skinks run circles around Swordsmen and are the only surviving reptiles at the end
- Slann casts a couple of humdinger spells then self-immolates on a miscast. Phew!

What a blast, from my perspective, gunpowder is good, but I need to learn how to counter some of that powerful magic. The Arch Lector was very useful, until he died. It was a close run thing.

I finished some more handgunners and swordsman over the weekend. It is interesting to compare the different eras of GW figures. Here we have 3 generations of swordsmen, from left to right, oldest to newest:

They clearly trend towards larger swords, more dynamic poses, and lots more bits of esoteric details like scrolls and skulls. The animation is mostly good, but I don't care for the extra bits of fluff.

Similarly, for gunners:

Again, more dynamic poses, but they are trending towards the Village People with some of the fluffy bits, big silly guns and over-animation. I think on balance I like the previous edition (middle figures) the best.


  1. Dave,

    A fun game which I probably could have drawn if I'd kept my Throne of Vines up...I'll be sure to do that next time!


  2. Oh yeah, agreed. If you didn't self-destruct it would have been different. Next time I'll be sure to bring a weed-whacker...