Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mantic Revenant Cavalry

This week I finished a unit of Mantic's Revenant Cavalry that I will run in my Vampire Counts army as Black Knights. They are quite good, unlike the other stuff I have done these are resin models. Nice details, bit of a pain to assemble though, superglue prefers human flesh to resin.

At the van is an old GW Wight Champion who I will run as a Wight King to lead the blood knights. He's a very good melee character in a VC army with high Ld.

Here are the leader, standard and musician:

In these photos I also tried to be a less-crapful photographer, so I fiddled with the light settings to try to get more depth and less blurriness in the pics. Let me know what you think.

I have remaining a vampire lord, some fell bats and spirit hosts to fill out that army, then it is done.


  1. Very nice, nice figs. Is that a skellie dog I see on one of those bases?

  2. I love the little skeleton animal running at the feet of the one fellow--very nice touch!

    The photos are much, much better!

    You are getting a tiny bit of colour balance issue (the bounce off the green felt is shading the figures green) but you can usually correct for this in "preview" or "photo" utility on your computer (there will be a slider you can fiddle with). I do this with all of mine (and it is worse with my newer, much better camera!) although I wonder if that is not being a bit anal. These are pretty good pictures you have here.

    A longer piece of felt tacked to the wall and allowed to drape down and curve out to sit underneath the figures would make the background better. Takes away the horizon which, occasionally, my camera will obsessively autofocus on.

    Whiter lights on each side and diffused through a piece of paper in those plastic display holders would give more even light and would allow you to turn off your flash (although it looks like you already did that here).

    Great work!

  3. There are all kinds of little bits on the Mantic sprues like skulls, dwarf heads and broken shields that can be used to decorate bases, the skellies dogs are great. If I had more of them I would have considered running them as undead wolves.

    I haven't been able to figure out how to get rid of the green hue, I'll see if I can find this feature you describe. Part of the problem is that I don't have a dedicated space for photography, often it is just the workbench.