Monday, May 23, 2011

May 2-4 weekend updates

It's been a busy couple of weeks, conference travel, kids birthday parties, etc... but I have completed some characters for my Vampire Counts army. These are all GW. First we have the Wight battle standard bearer (love this model), a necromancer, and two Lahmian vampires (love these models too!)

I painted one of the girls to look like daughter number 2 (blond hair, fond of snakes):

And the other to look like daughter number 1 (brown hair, loves kitties):

There is also a unit of cairn wraiths with banshee (looks a bit like the missus on an angry day..)

And finally, picked up a bunch of goodies at a local swap meet on the weekend, these are some chaos war hounds that were in rough shape when I bought them, but I spruced up their paint jobs and based them to use as dire wolves:

In other news, daughter number 2 turned 6 and we had a birthday party at Edmonton's historical Rutherford house:

And very sadly, we had to say goodbye to our lovely cat Sophie at 11 years of age. She has been slowly going downhill for the last few months and I had to have her put down right after the birthday party on Saturday. She likely had cancer. It broke my heart, she was a lovely little girl, always spunky and good natured. I don't think Sophie ever caused any trouble (e.g. messes, furniture destruction, etc...) although she was very fond of begonias and spider plants for snacks. Funny little kitty. I've been crying all weekend.

Sophie, rest in peace, we will miss you dearly. I'm so sorry.

Sophie (2000 - 2011)
Place of birth: Sheffield, England


  1. Sorry to hear about Sophie; that sucks for the kids. And the cat, I suppose.

    Nice figures! Does your camera have an "up close" function? It is usually a flower icon on the back of the camera. That macro mode will allow the camera to focus better up close.

    Turning off the flash and stablizing the camera on a book or something will also create greater depth. You have such pretty models--let's show them off!

  2. Thanks Bob.

    I use the up close function all the time, not sure why stuff is still blurry up close, even when I use the flash and brace the camera.

    I think I need to find better light and have more patience. But to be honest the photos are always an afterthought.

  3. Dave,

    I was really sorry to hear about Sophie the cat. I missed her attempts to befriend me during our DBA game last Tuesday.