Sunday, August 14, 2011


On a whim, I dug out my 10mm WW2 stuff and finished off a bunch of minifigs models to run at the club this week using Blitzkrieg Commander, one of my old favourites. I did a 234/1 armoured car- love these 8-rads:

I experimented with winter white scheme for these T-34/85s, I like the way the models turned out, but since I don't have any snow flock we'll just have to assume it is springtime:

And here is a little treasure that has been on my to-do list for like 4 years, a T-35, one of my favourites of the pre-war silly-giant-tank era:

And a couple of troops of T-26s and BT-7s to fill out the orbat for a 1941 scenario:

I also decided to base all of the tanks for this scenario, so here are the MkIIs and IIIs (1/144 Dragon kits- good stuff just a smidge bigger than 10mm) on new bases with basic flock:

I am considering ordering the 2nd edition of Blitzkrieg Commander, but it's like $50 by the time exchange and shipping is factored in. I got my value in play-time from the first edition, so I suppose it is worth it.


  1. The decals on the T-34/85s are great!

  2. The red decals on whitewash is pretty striking, I'm going to do more in this scheme I think. Just need some snow (did I just say that?).

  3. Awesome job. I really like the winter paint scheme on the T-34's. What colours did you use? I have some minis I'm planning on doing soon and would like to use this paint scheme. That T-35 looks like something from the Land Ironclads in the Aeronef setting.

  4. It's pretty embarassing it was so easy, the t-34s are sprayed white with flat white Zellers spraypaint (multiple thin coats) and washed with black- nothing else, the nice sculpts do all the work for you. The others were white undercoat washed with Russian Green then black wash. Pick out the details with gunmetal and wood, wash the treads in brown and presto!

  5. Oh yes, the 234 is middlestone wash drybrushed desert yellow, the MkII/IIIs dark grey wash light grey drybrush. All Vallejo paints.