Monday, August 1, 2011

El Cid and 1940

The last 2 weeks have been busy, work is relentless and family were here visiting for a while, so the blog has suffered some neglect.

I did manage some painting however, and managed to complete a unit of mixed spear and bow 28mm Reconquista Spanish Christian Peones (Gripping Beast) for the El Cid project:

I enjoyed painting these, I love Gripping Beast except for the gimpy spear over the shoulder pose they sculpt so often for their dark age ranges, I much prefer the at guard pose mostly seen in the second rank.

And a mixed bag unit of hard nut mercenaries for the same campaign, these are likely mostly Old Glory Crusades range, but I'm not 100% on all of them, they came in a Btown swap:

I also managed a couple of squads of 1940 French - my favourite theatre of WW2, dunno why, these are 1/72 Caesar which were pretty good, they do a great job with poses compared to other plastics:

They are not as nice as these 20mm Blitz metals, however:

Something tragic about the 1940 campaign that I like, or perhaps it is all those cool French tanks and other early war, highly riveted, tin-cannage that appeals. These guys are getting trotted out tomorrow night for a club game of Fubar 1940.


  1. Great painting, The El Cid figs look excellent. I've got loads of these as well, GB do make a great figure, and they're so easy to paint. I agree about the dodgy pose, I always put the spear in the point up and shorten it as well or it gets in the way.

  2. Thanks Ray. I'm going to order more Berbers and think I'll stick with the standing at guard poses. I hate gluing spears into angular postures as well, I always end up with more flesh bonded to metal than anything else.

  3. Impressive painting. The GB figures sure are a pleasure to paint. Always liked their El Cid range.

  4. i like the froggies too, i cant say why, unusual camouflage, greatcoats maybe....

    Cool figures.