Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spanish knights and next DBA campaign map

I worked up 15 Gripping Beast Spanish knights and jinetes, I like these figs. I went with a red/ochre/blue colour theme (very Spanish-looking) to represent liveried otherwise organized groups of Hidalgos. El Cid gaming is still a few units away, but in the meantime they will serve as two additional units of Norman knights in next week's Hail Caesar game

I quite like this sculpt:

I also assembled a new map for our next DBA campaign (1/72 classical era) using Mighty Empires tiles. This is such a great product.

Next up: some ECW command stands to finish off, maybe a DBA battle report after we kick off our campaign at EDBAG tomorrow night.


  1. Dave,

    Terrific work on the DBA campaign. I can't wait. It is amazing how many ways you can work those tiles. I must get some.

  2. +1 with Matk. That's a very good idea. Looking forward to see your campaign running

  3. Nice stuff--the Normans will appreciate the reinforcements!

  4. really nice figures and paintings