Monday, February 20, 2012

Alford 1645

I completed a few bits and bobs last week including this very nice Celtic cart from Warlord that will come in handy for baggage or an objective in Saga:

I also converted a cavlalry trooper to be Montrose's Royal Standard bearer, here alone and beside an ensign from the Irish Brigade. The flags are from Battle-Flag and I highly recommend them (

And a Lord Leven, also from Warlord, who stood in for Lord Balcarres in a refight of the Battle of Alford between the Royalists and Covenanters.

I used an order of battle for Warhammer English Civil that I found on their Yahoo which is a really good resource ( There are a series of excellent Scottish scenarios for the ECW by David Whitfield. I played Alford with Mark on Saturday. We really enjoyed it.

The Covenanter artillery battery misfied 3 times and only hit 2 models the whole game before being overrun by Highlanders.

Montrose was instrumental in leading a counterattack with Highlanders against Balcarres horse which broke the Covenanter left flank.

Other highlights include disastrous advice from a pushy Presbyterian minister attached to one of the Covenanter regiments (run away!) at the worst possible moment which left the Covenanter right flank open. The Irish rolled them up.

Most of the Covenanter army fled into the marshes and were cut down. Strangely historical outcome....

Up next: Currently working on another Parliament regiment of foot for the battle of Dunbar.

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