Saturday, February 4, 2012

First batch of Warlord Celts

Today I finished 20 Warlord Celtic warriors. Very nice sculpts, perhaps a bit over-animated, but much better than WF Celts in quality. They would be quite difficult to rank up on 20mm square bases so I put them on 20mm washers which give a couple of advantages including heft, magnetizability, and ease of ranking. The other shortcoming of this set is that there are only shields for 50% of the warriors and while the transfers are nice, they are paper stickers that have to be cut to fit. A real bugger to get right!

I think my work on fleshtones has improved, same paint scheme as the last batch but a bit easier on the wash, plus the detail is deeper and anatomically better on these than the WF shop mannequins.


  1. Nice paintwork and a great idea for the bases

  2. Great painting, love how you painted the skin.

  3. Thanks guys, and of course the other advantages to using washers are that they are cheaper than just about anything else (except pennies perhaps) and I can get them at Home Depot just down the road.

  4. If you are keen on buying washers in bulks, Edmonton Fasteners and Tools ( sells for much less than Home Despot.

    Great work on the Celts. Do you have a project in mind or just finishing off some accumulated fellows?

  5. Not if you buy them in bulk. I used to go to Edmonton Fasteners but Home Depot costs about the same if you buy 1-lb boxes and they are open outside of M-F 9-5. Just don't buy them individual or in clamshells.

    I need more Celts for Hail Caeser or WAB. You can never have too many Celts!