Sunday, January 27, 2013

More HOTT stuff

Here we have a few more older models for my undead HOTT army. First is a Grenadier Death Dragon, a very nice model that will likely serve as a Behemoth in my army. Bit of a bugger to put together though, and quite heavy!

I also did another GW Lahmian Vampire, I love this sculpt, she's a beauty. She will be my General, could be a Magician or Hero, or I might pair her up with a dark rider to be a Rider or Knight. Not sure yet.


  1. Love the death dragon. A classic model

  2. Thanks guys- I think we'll call him Fluffy.

  3. I love the old Grenadier models. I have 3 of their waiting for some brush work for the Hott campaign.