Thursday, January 4, 2018

In with the New Year

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for 2018!

I started this blog 8 years ago in January of 2010. Since then I have posted 363 times with just over 119,000 views. I am pretty sure that many of the views are from Russian bots, but, nonetheless I appreciate all the views and sharing of comments from the community of gamers and hobbyists out there who might find something interesting in here on occasion. This is as close as I get to social media!

2017 was a solid production year for my workbench, I painted a lot more 15mm and 10mm stuff than in previous years as I picked up some Team Yankee and FOW stuff, as well as new projects in 10mm (Naps, WW2 and more recently early medieval). The 28s featured 40k as well as other historical periods.

The numbers are similar to previous years - just over 1,400 items painted so about 4 per day on average:

28mm: 232 foot, 24 mounted, 6 vehicle
20mm: 31 foot, 5 vehicles
15mm: 224 foot, 15 mounted, 48 vehicles
10mm: 415 foot, 62 tanks, 72 mounted, 4 guns
6mm: 122 vehicles, 216 infantry

total: 1108 foot, 121 mounted, 248 other

I played 26 games of DBA in 2018 and have now played 331 games lifetime.

Most recently, I have been working on 10mm WW2 stuff - here is my first batch of early war desert forces British vehicles by Pendraken. I failed to manage a reasonable Caunter scheme (too bloody difficult to get straight lines over these wee angular surfaces) so have just gone for sand for all of it. I splurged on 10mm decals too.


  1. Nice stuff. The decals really make the paint jobs pop!

  2. Nice work on those and well done on the painting totals

  3. Oh, they're not ALL Russian bots - I pop in from quite regularly to see what's new!