Thursday, January 11, 2018

WW2 ... in two scales of course

I started the year off with some 10mm Pendraken desert rats and a FOW Assault Platoon led by Feldwebel Schmidt for my FOW mid-war Heer platoon. The assault platoon is supported by a flamethrower squad and is designed for dislodging Russians in close-combat.

The 10mm Brits are from Pendraken and they are okay - the sculpting is fine but the pose number is a bit limited and they have very thick bases which are hard to hide unless you putty the stand, which is too much of a hassle for 10mm IMO.


  1. Don't you also have WW2 figures in 1/72 and 28mm?

  2. Yes lots in 1/72, but never went for 28mm. Oh, and I have some in 6mm as well. Three scales... yeah.

  3. Agreed on puttying for 10mm. Too much work.