Tuesday, May 12, 2020

New troops for Bolt Action, Lasalle and MeG

Bolt Action Soviet infantry ... cuz you can never have enough of them...

20mm French line infantry for the Lasalle project - these are Newline 20mm metals

Shown here with some Hat plastics for scale - they match pretty well.

Some US 101 Airborne also for Bolt Action - these figures are only okay - less versatile than either the Germans or Soviets I have done. 

 And I blew the dust off a 10mm Magister Militum Arab Conquest army I bought ages ago for mass battle game to be determined. Well, I ordered a copy of the MeG (Mortem et Gloriam) Compendium which I really like the look of. These guys can face my Byzantines! Five blocks of heavy foot with cavalry and light infantry still to come.

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