Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Border Raid WAB Campaign Continues

Last night Scott and I played the second battle of our WAB Raiding Season campaign (from Age of Arthur) using Shieldwall armies. My Scots soundly thrashed Scott's Normans in game 1, and even ran down and killed the Dux. So the Normans tried again last night. Like the first battle, this was a fight for 2 river crossings- a wide ford and a narrow bridge. Early in the game I sent my Viking Dogs of War mercenaries across the bridge in skirmish order and they created havoc- killing a unit of bow and a unit of pueri. When the Norman foot troops turned away from the bridge to run down my Viking raiders a warband of Scots raced across the bridge and ran down a unit of crossbow and the bridge was mine.

At that point, the ford was held by a large unit of Scottish nobles, lead by Angus McLovin, chieftain of the clan McLovin, supported by his wee brother Angus holding the battle standard and cousin Tim the Enchanter, a sagart of some renown. They sat in the ford in shieldwall, weathering the storm of crossbow bolts until the end of turn 7 and victory.

But nay! The noble warband blew their cool (failed it's warband control roll on turn 7), and bolted through the ford and smashed into a band of liberi- slaking their bloodlust on the garlic eaters. This of course opened the path for a squadron of Norman kniggots to trot into the ford and claim it for the invaders. The Normans can now cross into the home of the bravehearts and nervous sheep and conduct their raid.

In February we shall meet again...

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