Monday, January 18, 2010

Here are a few pics of the Celts as promised. I must say that I really enjoyed this project and I am looking forward to getting these fellas on the table. WF are tops, you can quibble about details but they are bloody good value and there are infinite ways to put them together. Plus Tony is a top bloke, and the rate of improvement and expansion of WF products is pretty amazing.

The boys are back! (2.5 boxes WF German, 1 box WF Celts, transfers by VVV)

Giddayup! (1 box WF Celtic cavalry)

Fetch? (Warlord hounds and handler)

Oh deer! (Babastus the Druid)

Yee-haa! (2 boxes Celtic chariots)

I have similar numbers of Romans done, ready to go except for the movement trays now.

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