Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Banff and back again

Just returned from a short holiday in Banff with the family, even managed to get the young ones to walk up Tunnel Mountain and some other short trails with minimal tears:

Before I left I had just finished painting a unit of Hat 28mm Andalusian heavy infantry militia, these guys look better than they fight:

Like the Almoravids, they are relatively slight compared to metal, and I managed to break one of the thin plastic spears when I picked it up to photograph it. I have a bad feeling about their durability, but I do like the way they look. Any suggestions on how to improve the durability of thin plastic weapons, other than replacing them with wire spears? Would painting them with pva white glue help?


  1. I've had nothing but trouble with the HaT spears; the plastic is just too brittle. Even extra wargames factory spears would be more durable. PVA might help but this hard plastic HaT is using is the pits on fine detail.

  2. What about trying GW 'ardcoat, ol' fashion varnish, or the army painter dip? I think you may need something that hardens. Hey, what about clear nail polish?

  3. By the way, Sasha and Dad make a great photo together. Too bad Daphne was sick.

  4. I like the nail polish idea, maybe give that a go.