Sunday, June 5, 2011

VC army

I finished off the last required elements for my Vampire Count army this weekend and here we have it arrayed in it's darkness:

This weekend I put together these spirit host bases, I won't likely start the game with them on the table but they can come into play as a consequence of a VC summoning spell:

Revenant cavalry (black knights) with wight king:

Revenants (tomb guard) with the Daphne vampire:

Skellie horde and supporting ghouls and zombies:

Dire wolves:



Vampire lord and army standard:

Banshee and crypt wraiths:

I have also been gaining momentum on this El Cid project. I have 30 Berbers now finished, a combined bow and spear unit:


  1. Are these Berbers 1/72? They look nice!

  2. they are 28s, but they have 1/72-like proportions.

  3. What ruleset are you making the Berbers up for?

  4. WAB and/or Clash of Empires and/or Hail Caesar- something individually based.

  5. Heh! I couldn't quite tell from the thumbnail what it was all about - but the title had me thinking: "When did Dave start working on some Viet Cong!?"

    Looking good Dave!

  6. Nice looking VC force you've got there

  7. Tim, Yes, I thought the link was referring to Viet Cong, as well. Too funny. I thought, "Isn't he doing El Cid? How did he get side-tracked to Vietnam?"

    Dave, HäT really has great models. These look fantastic with the paint job you've done. I love the writing on the shields. Nice touch. As you may know, the Andalusian Cavalry are scheduled for HäT's next release. The current release just shipped and is mostly WW1.

    By the way, I really like the what you've done with the movement trays, too. Are those GW trays?

  8. The ambiguity of "VC" did occur to me, but it would not be out of character to divert to something else shiny.

    Yes I am looking forward to the next Hat release, more keen on Almoravids it they come out as well.

    The movement trays are GW, as are the bases, all made from the modular movement tray pack- perhaps the only GW product that is honestly really good value for dollar.