Friday, June 10, 2011

A Dilemma or Not?

I painted more Berbers this week in a different scheme, these are darker skinned and have hide shields. Again, I liked the way they came out when looked at on their own.

But I have some concerns about putting them on the table with metals. Here they are alongside a unit of Crusader Normans who could serve as my Christian Spanish enemies:

And here they are alongside some mixed Saxons and Vikings from Foundry and Old Glory:

And here is one Berber alongside a Crusader Norman, and Old Glory Saxon, and a Foundry Viking:

The Crusader stuff is large, and furthermore on the thick GW base towers over the rest. The height of the Berber is fine compared to Old Glory and Foundry, but the proportions are quite different with respect to weapons and head size in particular. Metals are generally overarmed and bucket-headed.

I clearly would not mix them in units, but kind reader, do you think they could appear on the same table, in opposing armies, without looking too silly? If so, I clearly should be basing them on thin bases to minimize their size differences.


  1. This is a tricky question. I have some HaT El Cid painted as Anglo-Danes as well as a 28mm Norman army. I'd put them on the table against one another. But there is a difference in heft, that is for sure.

    I wonder if you simply visually explain it away as "the big guys are in heavy mail and the little dudes are wearing bed sheets"? Not something to lose sleep over.

  2. As long as you keep them in seperate units, you should be okay. You sometimes get the same discrepancies in metals.

  3. I probably wouldn't put them together. The differences are extreme in every sense: size of the heads, thickness of the spear shafts, hands, etc. If it was just the height, that is not a big issue for me, as we all come in different sizes but the metals are significantly out of proportion in almost every way. Some people don't notice such things, so it is probably fine, but I would look for other alternatives, if there are any.