Sunday, December 5, 2010

28mm WOTR DBA army

It's been a very busy week or two at work, plus I have been painting Bretonnian knights in my free time, so not a lot of output recently. I am close to finishing a unit of Questing Knights (holy crap, they carry a lot of gear!) but I also took an interlude to convert some units painted for WAB last year to DBA basing for a game with Bob at the club next week. The models are a combination of Perry plastics (superb!), Foundry knights and Black Tree foot knights, all very nice.

The army includes a general (Kn or Bd):

A choice of Kn, Cv or another Bd, not an easy choice, Cv is useful for mobility and against Bw, better survivability than Kn, but less punch:

3 Bd, these should probably be polearm infantry but I like the foot knights a lot:

And the core of the army are the 6 Bw elements, the ubiquitous longbows:

Finally, there is an Art/Sp option, I have never used artillery so that might be interesting to try, tricky to use effectively, alternately the Sp makes an excellent camp garrision.

I enjoyed putting this together, if I can get some more games of DBA in this scale I might convert over some of my Swiss WAB army too.

Back to Bretonnians....


  1. My French knights scoff at your pathetic rabble and their "long bows". Typical Anglo-bragging. Nothing beats knights charging!

  2. Strange the security code word for my first post was "pincushion". Hmmm.

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