Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Questing Kniggots

This lot of 8 Bretonnian Questing Knights took almost 2 weeks to finish, probably most detailed minis I have ever completed. They have pretty well scuppered my chances of getting 2,000 minis painted in 2010. I hope they don't suck...

Apparently, it is important to bring furniture on quests...

The standard has lots of detail bits, including scrolls and badges

Next up: maybe some old-school knights of the realm that I picked up in a swap next. They will be a piece of cake after these monsters.


  1. Yeah, I tried to max the colour variety, and they were really a lot of fun to paint, but very time consuming.

    I hope they kick Chaos-daemon butt!

  2. Dave, they look great! Congratulations!