Monday, December 27, 2010

Montrose's undead hunters from the highlands

Tomorrow I go over to Bob's for a playdate with the kids and should be able to squeeze in a couple of games of HOTT (Hordes of the Things for the uninitiated, perhaps the most flexible rules system ever created, definitely a consideration for a desert island ruleset if you were only allowed one). Bob has a skeleton 28mm army, so I am going to face him with my Montrose Scots since they have nothing else to do (until Dave Parker bases up the 100s of Parliamentarians I painted for him). I am imagining that Montrose's army has responded to an upsurge of undead activity in the highlands in 1644 or so. Our army will comprise something like Montrose's force:

The Marquis of Montrose himself with mounted highland entourage (Rider General +4/+4, 2AP)

His right-hand man MacColla "the devastator" (Hero: +5/+5, 4AP)

Border Horse (riders +3/+3, 2AP)

The Irish Brigade of shot (Shooters +3/+4: 2+2AP)

The Strathbogie Regiment of pike and shot (2 shooters +3/+4, 2 spear +4/+4: 2+2+2+2 AP):

Ferocious Highlanders (2 warbands +3/+3, 2+2 AP)

For a total of 24AP:

Now, let's kick some bones!

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