Sunday, December 12, 2010

Over the weekend I finished a little gem of a model, the 1/72 Zvezda Trebuchet. It is a large sized model, so perfect for 28mm. I converted/co-opted bits including some Zvezda Royal Infantry for crew, and an Empire engineer serving as an advisor in the Bretonnian artillery regiment:

Here is a closer shot of the crew:

And with a couple of kniggots for scale:

I also completed a unit of standard knights of the realm, these are older edition so nice and simple to paint and put together. I got these in a swap from Bob with transfers from Scott (thanks guys!):

Up next: Lord on Hippogriff...should take forever or so...


  1. The Trebuchet looks fantastic, well done!

  2. Nice stuff; the Zvezda artillery sets are awesome. I see there is also a cannon that can be used for either 1/72 or 28mm.

  3. Thanks lads.

    The Zvezda bombard could be used for 28mm, and the scorpion and onager are good, but I would not use the HYW field artillery set for 28s. It looks a bit wee.


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