Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fallschirjaeger hiatus

While I am waiting for an order of El Cid metals to arrive from Gripping Beast, I knocked off 2 squads of German paras that I plan to use for a WW2 FUBAR game next month at the club. These are ancient RAFM 20mm metals, not bad figs. Tough to work out the colour schemes for fallschirmjaeger, I like the early war green smocks and jumpsuits, but these are clearly later war figs with FG42s and a panzerfaust.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Banff and back again

Just returned from a short holiday in Banff with the family, even managed to get the young ones to walk up Tunnel Mountain and some other short trails with minimal tears:

Before I left I had just finished painting a unit of Hat 28mm Andalusian heavy infantry militia, these guys look better than they fight:

Like the Almoravids, they are relatively slight compared to metal, and I managed to break one of the thin plastic spears when I picked it up to photograph it. I have a bad feeling about their durability, but I do like the way they look. Any suggestions on how to improve the durability of thin plastic weapons, other than replacing them with wire spears? Would painting them with pva white glue help?

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Dilemma or Not?

I painted more Berbers this week in a different scheme, these are darker skinned and have hide shields. Again, I liked the way they came out when looked at on their own.

But I have some concerns about putting them on the table with metals. Here they are alongside a unit of Crusader Normans who could serve as my Christian Spanish enemies:

And here they are alongside some mixed Saxons and Vikings from Foundry and Old Glory:

And here is one Berber alongside a Crusader Norman, and Old Glory Saxon, and a Foundry Viking:

The Crusader stuff is large, and furthermore on the thick GW base towers over the rest. The height of the Berber is fine compared to Old Glory and Foundry, but the proportions are quite different with respect to weapons and head size in particular. Metals are generally overarmed and bucket-headed.

I clearly would not mix them in units, but kind reader, do you think they could appear on the same table, in opposing armies, without looking too silly? If so, I clearly should be basing them on thin bases to minimize their size differences.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

VC army

I finished off the last required elements for my Vampire Count army this weekend and here we have it arrayed in it's darkness:

This weekend I put together these spirit host bases, I won't likely start the game with them on the table but they can come into play as a consequence of a VC summoning spell:

Revenant cavalry (black knights) with wight king:

Revenants (tomb guard) with the Daphne vampire:

Skellie horde and supporting ghouls and zombies:

Dire wolves:



Vampire lord and army standard:

Banshee and crypt wraiths:

I have also been gaining momentum on this El Cid project. I have 30 Berbers now finished, a combined bow and spear unit:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WHFB generals

I finished two major characters over the weekend. First there is a winged vampire lord to lead my VC army, I think he is a very cool model:

And also Teclis who will be running my High Elf army specifically for dates against overpowered opponents (i.e. Daemons). He is probably the most powerful spellcaster in WHFB. I reckon if he survives 2 turns with decent winds of magic we stand a good chance of winning.