Friday, June 26, 2020

More stuff and some dabbling with weathering

More progress on the ongoing projects:

A squad of Ancient Britons for Jonathan

Another regiment of 1/72 French Line by Italeri

And now my experience with weathering a 28mm tank model. I have never tried weathering - my stuff typically looks like it came right off the assembly line.

Here we go:

The kits I used:

 The model parts:

The model cleaned and assembled:

Step 1: US Olive Drab primer applied by airbrush

Step 2: Yellow Olive shade applied by airbrush

Step 3: US Dark Green shade applied by airbrush


 Step 4: US Olive basecoat applied by airbrush

Step 5: Grey Green highlight applied by airbrush

Step 6: Decals then Satin Varnish applied by airbrush

 Step 7: Camo Brown tracks and chips

 Step 8: Camo Brown with Buff track & chip highlights

 Step 9: Dark Brown Wash on tracks

 Step 10: Dark Green wash everywhere, and I should have stopped here ...

Now the ropey part....
Step 11: Pigment application followed by Binder - I used pigment wetter with water on the tracks for mud accumulation, followed by a dusting overall of pigment for road dust, then tried to fix that in place using binder. Then dullcote over top. 

I am unhappy with the binding step - it pooled pigment in the crevices and it was lost from flatter surfaces. Maybe dullcote contributed to that. Here it is with some newly painted Airborne dudes.

I tried an overwash with Agrax to tone down the stone grey dust, and reapplied dry pigment to the tracks, but I think it looks like shit

My chum Kevin tells me he had the same experience with binder, and the only solution is to throw out the model...

I am way too cheap to do that, so it will just have to play with it as it looks.

I need more practice with pigments!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Sternguard et al.

More stuff coming off the bench at a steady clip, starting wth some MkIII marines done as sternguard veterans for my Imperial Fists army - they did well on the weekend but died.

Another regiment of French for Lasalle - these are Italeri - two more to go!

Byzantine 10mm skirmishers, this wraps up both armies for MeG - just need to do command stands, and for the rules to actually arrive.

In the background I have been painting some 28mm Warlord Ancient Britons for a chum in exchange for lead. Because I need more lead...!?

 And the US Airborne Bolt Action project ticks along - here we have another fire team and a 57mm ATG.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

More different stuff

Some refurbuished LOTR figs for a change:

Getting near the end of the Arab Conquest 10mm project - here are some archers and cavalry, really only need to do command stands to be able to play MeG

A Bolt Action Russian who somehow fell off the table and didn't get finished in my last round of painting Soviets - 

and the next batch of 101 Airborne for Bolt Action - a half squad and mortar team