Saturday, April 21, 2012

Persian heavy foot and bow

Been working away at these guys for the last little while. They are Persian kardakes or Lydian hoplites and some armoured Persian archers. The figures are Hat 1/72, which are okay, but not quite up to Zvezda. The shields are topped with LBM transfers which are superb, although a little small for the shield size. They are based on 60mm frontages which can convert to just about any ruleset. I'm thinking Impetus but have been reading FoG too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Persians and the last Bondi

Here we have the last of the Vikings for some time, these are 8 bondi with hand weapons (Crusader 28mm with LBM transfers) to fill out my Saga warband for MayDay. I am not sure whether to field these as Vikings or as Jomsvikings as per the expansion list. I think the Jomsviking abilities are kind of beardy ubervikings, but beardiness/cheesiness goes with being a Viking in most games systems. Usually portrayed as being tough fighters even though their track record against nuns and peasants defines their reputation more so than their track record against more manly foes. 

Also completed were a few stands of Zvezda Persian foot and a couple of heavy chariots

This is a converted Assyrian chariot that will serve as a command stand.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


 I've been working on some 1/72 Persians, another one of this backburner projects that I have been picking away at for a few years. This week I did a batch of heavy mounted Persian cavalry (some Zvezda and some Hat)

And a few Sparabara, I like these guys:

And before the big snow came this week, I managed a bike ride with oldest daughter, the ice is just breaking up on the Saskatchewan River. Later in the week we got a foot of snow....